Catalogue of Roses Paintable Decor Transfer™

Catalogue of Roses Paintable Decor Transfer™


Catalogue of Roses is a black image on a clear background that is also a paintable transfer. Paintable transfers are amazing, because they look fabulous fresh off the plastic backing. No two painted transfers will be alike because they allow for creativity.

"Gretchen stole the gold cup for three consecutive years. Effortlessly. Strolling in with stiletto clicks she sparkled like she owned the hall, her long stride cutting straight through the thick bitterness. Adjusting her Indian blue boa, she purred, 'Some lovely contenders this year, Alexander. May the best rose win."

The Catalogue of Roses Paintable Decor Transfer™ will help you transform your creation in a matter of minutes! Use our pressure sensitive transfers on furniture, decor, and many other surfaces for an instant transformation. The Paintable transfers allow even more creativity, allowing YOU to choose the color palette! Fill in with inks or paint, or leave as is for a beautiful black and white design. Be sure to tag us in your creations so we can see how you IODo it 😉

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Dimensions: 24”x 33”, Soft Black


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