Entomology Etcetera Decor Transfer™

Entomology Etcetera Decor Transfer™


Entomology Etcetera is a playful full-color transfer, featuring gobs and gobs of insect, reptile, bird and fish specimens. This design has an endless range of potential applications and projects just waiting to be sampled. 

"The petite man's overwhelming smile lifted his wire rim glasses. 'Please lease your sandals here.' He pointed to a hewn shelf dwarfed by the adjacent gilded doors. The hem of his gauze pants swept the marble corridor floor in front of us. We approached a wall of panes distorting the world it contained. A series of metal clicks and a swoosh of cool wet air ushered me over the marble threshold. Petrar must have thought I was high. I stood for a moment head cocked upward before I repossessed the sense to close my mouth. Like slow motion confetti, rare butterflies drifted through the atmosphere. And then... on a vine 24 inches from my face it alighted. The Pachliopta hector."

The Entomology Etcetera Decor Transfer™ will help you transform your creation in a matter of minutes! Use our pressure sensitive transfers on furniture, decor, and many other surfaces for an instant transformation. Be sure to tag us in your creations so we can see how you IODo it 😉

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Dimensions: 24”x 33”, Full Color


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