Fronds Botanical Decor Transfer™

Fronds Botanical Decor Transfer™


Fronds Botanical is a lush and earthy full-color transfer, featuring all kinds of leafy green goodness. This design has an endless range of potential applications and projects just waiting to be sampled. 

"Squeak and slam. Squeak and slam. Every childhood memory I possess is to the tune of that screen door,. Seems we lived near half our life on that porch. The skeeters were bad because we had real late rain that year. The moss hung low and swayed, though I couldn't for the life of me, feel any breeze. But I could smell the earth. And momma's julep. The clink of her ice. I was sitting on the brick steps, killing fire ants with a stick and picking at the scab on my knee. It wasn't ready. Something moving in the ferns startled me and I was about to investigate, when the squeak and slam... My sister Maggie flounced into the center of our stage and sucked up all the attention twirling her coral taffeta monstrosity. I guess it was a prom dress. She twirled and preened like she was something else. Momma and Aunt Charlene gave her all the la dee da she was looking for. I still wonder if God was pinching me for scowling at my sister because I got bit real bad by one of the fire ants I missed."

The Fronds Botanical Decor Transfer™ will help you transform your creation in a matter of minutes! Use our pressure sensitive transfers on furniture, decor, and many other surfaces for an instant transformation. Be sure to tag us in your creations so we can see how you IODo it 😉

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Dimensions: 24”x 33”, Full Color


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