Fronds IOD Decor Transfer™
Fronds IOD Decor Transfer™

Fronds Botanical Transfer™ Pad


Same transfer you love, but in a new format! A pad of four 12" x 16" sheets. Four cuttable sheets with  with many unique transfers of plants, ferns, stems, leaves, and more!

Every IOD transfer comes with a specially designed tool to rub on the image as well as directions for how to apply it. If want to see how to use an IOD transfer in action, click here for a beginner video tutorial.

Gridlines are printed on the transfer backing so you can confidently position the design exactly where you want it. The backing can also be used to burnish the transfer after it’s rubbed on to ensure long-lasting adhesion.

Best of all (if we do say so ourselves) because we only use the highest quality of materials and a precision manufacturing process for our transfers, the edges of the transfer image disappear into your piece. This makes your DIY home decor project look authentic and original.

Dimensions:  Four 12"x16" sheets, cuttable.