Label Ephemera Decor Transfer™

Label Ephemera Decor Transfer™

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Label Ephemera is a black image on a clear background. It features an assortment of vintage graphics. This design looks amazing as one solid application or separated into many applications. 

"'You see, sweet pea, a tobacco must have the proper balance. Can you smell that?' He placed his pipe on the table beside us, opened a tin, and let me smell the earthy contents. He waited for my response, as if I understood the complexities of pipes and tobaccos and daddy's world of important colleagues. All I truly understood was that daddy's soft lap amidst the smell of books, leather and pipe tobacco, was the safest place in the world."

The Label Ephemera Decor Transfer™ will help you transform your creation in a matter of minutes! Use our pressure sensitive transfers on furniture, decor, and many other surfaces for an instant transformation. Be sure to tag us in your creations so we can see how you IODo it 😉

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Dimensions: 24”x 33”, Soft Black


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