Lemon Drops Decor Transfer™

Lemon Drops Decor Transfer™


Lemon Drop is a lush full-color transfer, featuring gorgeous yellow lemons. This design is subtle, yet bold. A little lemon can go a long way, or a lot of lemon can be used to bring a paint job from drab to fab. 

"'Pass the Pellegrino darling," she purred. Her legs shimmered, stretching for miles. I dropped a lemon wedge into the fizz filled goblet and placed it with a jarring clink on the lounge side glass table. She turned slowly towards me, smiled from under her floppy straw hat and lowered her Sergio Fellinis. 'Daahling, a delicate touch.'"

The Lemon Drops Decor Transfer™ will help you transform your creation in a matter of minutes! Use our pressure sensitive transfers on furniture, decor, and many other surfaces for an instant transformation. Be sure to tag us in your creations so we can see how you IODo it 😉

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Dimensions: 12”x 33”, Full Color



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