Refresh Disinfectant Spray

Refresh Disinfectant Spray


Enjoy the soothing aroma of lavender anywhere, anytime! Spray Refresh onto anything that needs a little pick-me-up. Or guard yourself against germs and other unpleasantries if there is no place to wash. With gentle, all natural ingredients  there is no need for concern.

Refresh Disinfectant Spray was first created as an alcohol free, anti-bacterial yoga mat spray to be used post workout. Since then people have discovered many more uses for it including:

~ Hand Sanitizer
~ Lightly Fragranced Body Mist
~ Room Deodorizer
~ Boot or shoe freshener
~ Mood enhancer(aromatherapy)
~ Aftershave
~ Soothing irritated skin

Maybe you, too, will discover more ways to enjoy Refresh while revitalizing your skin with a boost of uplifting lavender, refreshing eucalyptus and stimulating tea tree.