Sprigs 12×12 Decor Stamp™
Sprigs 12×12 Decor Stamp™

Sprigs 12×12 Decor Stamp™


Sprigs have Sprung! OK, ok, so maybe that should be “spring,” but you’ll want to get your hands on the new IOD Sprigs Stamp before the season changes to summer!

The IOD Sprigs Stamp is a clear stamp featuring one sheet with eight different individual stems. Delicate meadow blossoms as well as a classic ear of wheat. These elements can be arranged to ‘build’ whatever composition you want and they can be easily used with the other fresh floral stamps by IOD:

IOD Sprigs Stamp – a single 12 x 12 sheet of designs

The lines and composition of this stamp are perfect for impression techniques. The ridges of the stamps are deeper, more distinct, and durable as compared to other craft and decor stamps. They create a crisp, two-dimensional image when pressed into troweled paint, air dry clay, or a joint compound medium.


Our favorite medium is IOD Decor Inks, but you can also use decor paints such as chalk, clay, or mineral-based paints. For more mediums, as well as the prep and care for your stamps, check out this “How to Use IOD Stamps” basics.

And don’t forget, in addition to furniture, you can stamp impressions on polymer clay, plates and table decor, and so much more. The better question might be, “what can’t you stamp on?” 😆


Use the reusable IOD decor masks when you want to create layers in your design without disrupting the original stamped image. The mask is shaped just like the stamp and it covers the original image. This protects (or masks) that first impression as you continue to stamp your project. The plastic mask keeps your stamped designs crisp and clear. It also creates depth in your design by giving the sense of foreground and background.

To learn more about IOD reusable masks, check out this tutorial