Carrara Marble Decor Stamp™

Carrara Marble Decor Stamp™


Oh yes, we did! The Carrara Marble set is 6 strips of luscious, authentic marble veining goodness. Furniture tops, panel inlays, bathroom baseboards; Anywhere you want a touch of marble magic, this IOD Decor Stamp™ will take you
there. Easy peasy.

The Carrara Marble Decor Stamp™ is a versatile DIY tool made to help you transform your creations! These large scale stamps are made with food safe material that can be used on baked goods, sugar arts, decor, furniture, and just about whatever else you can put your mind to. Be sure to tag us so we can see how you IODo it  😉

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Sheet Dimensions one 12" x 12" sheet 

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