IOD Swags Decor Mould™
IOD Swags Decor Mould™

Swags Decor Mould™


I think this must have been the parlor, judging by it’s proximity to the entry. What was once a stately gathering place, where diplomats and land barons strutted in full fanfare, had been laid bare and humble. That waterfall staircase, I imagine, had been the path of Kathryn’s grand entrance, on more than one occasion.

The Swags Decor Moulds™ is your new DIY best friend! These food safe moulds allow you to add moulding to baked goods, furniture, decor, even your walls! Pair with the IOD Air Dry Clay for your furniture and decor, or try your own medium. Be sure to tag us in your creation so we can see how you IODo it 😉


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 Mould Dimensions 6" x 10" 

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